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Writing a Goodbye Letter to a Friend

Writing a goodbye letter to a friend can be the most difficult thing to do. Friends are the ones with whom we are probably more closer than our family members. We can share each and everything under the sun with them; be it about our multiple affairs to bunking classes and going for parties, etc. Hence, when it comes to saying goodbye, verbal communication fails us and a letter can do our job well.

Few of you must be wondering should we write a letter at all? Is it needed to make this event so dramatic by giving a letter and all? Well, consider it like this: it is a chance you get to tell your friend how important he or she has been to you and how you cherish the moments spent together. Your words will work as magic when your friend reaches the place where he or she is going to.

A sample goodbye letter to a friend is given in the following for you to get an idea what things you can mention and which points can be touched upon.

Goodbye Letter to a Friend Example

Most affectionately Kingsley,

I could not gather my elocutionary skills properly when we had the party yesterday. It was as soon as I lay in bed that it struck me that the day after this is going to be the final day to be together keeping in mind our near future. You are going away for pursuing your dream and I will always be there for you. While pondering on these lines it struck me as to will you be able to be with me? The answer is pretty obvious that even if you wish to you may not be allowed to make phone calls as per your wish, after all that is military all about, just following orders. Hahaha… I know I am wrong but I am being selfish when I think of you and me.

I just want to tell you few random things that is coming into my thoughts as I am writing this letter to you. I will miss the way you hug me tight whenever we meet, I will sorely miss your poor jokes and the way you feel so uncomfortable when no one laughs at them, the way look at me and smile when we escape lying at home for going to parties with our girlfriends, and the list goes on… I never realized I was so madly fond of you. The distance is sure going to be difficult for me, my treasured friend. I love you.

Yours forever,


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How to Write Goodbye Letter?

While someone is leaving nothing can be more touching than a heart felt and genuine goodbye letter. This is because the letter stays with them forever than some material object. This stands true even for people who are leaving; they can write personalized letters to people who matter to them. Writing letters is synonymous with expression of emotions. Many a times people find themselves dumb struck when their friends, close colleagues, etc., leave for a long period of time.

Writing a goodbye letter has different facets to it. One can write about how they have grown attached to the recipient of the letter, in what ways have they contributed in their growth, life, work place, success, etc. One can share a special rapport in the letter referring to what they shared between them as a secret. For example, a junior cadet in the military can write a goodbye letter to his senior referring to the punishments he gave him and how in difficult times he learnt how to deal with situations taking care of his juniors.

The nature of the letter should be personal, because it is not a farewell speech which is usually formal, but a personal letter. The formal nature should remain as it is in the tone of the letter though. It is best not to broach up any negative topic or experience in the letter. In case you do ensure that you also counter it with some pleasant events. This is all that will comprise the goodbye letter tips, if we had to pen down any.

The length of the letter will be directly proportional to the event, i.e. if one is going away for a short time or long time, but with the possibility of coming back, then keep the length of the letter short. It is because when they are planning to return a lengthy letter, it might indicate that you are not expecting them back soon. It thus becomes a little tricky to go on and on in the letter.

If the person is close to you, do mention about staying in touch or dropping in a mail now and then. This makes the person feel wanted, cherished and important. At the same time one can also give their contact numbers, addresses or social networking ids. The key, however, is to really mean what you write in the letter. As the song truly says, ‘It is only words and words are all I have…’ in the letter that matters to the person receiving it and does the needful of conveying your feelings. Play with them well. For more good bye letters visit

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